These Press-In Window Inserts Are Like Sunglasses for Your Home

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These Press-In Window Inserts Are Like Sunglasses for Your Home

The sun’s energy is an amazing asset when used to grow food, heat water, or produce electricity, but it can be something to avoid in certain situations and during specific times of the year, such as when the summer sun is streaming in through the windows of our homes and heating them up. That solar heat gain can be a net-positive effect in the winter, when we’re trying to heat our homes to comfortable temperatures, but in the summer, that same solar heat can actually cost us more money by working against our air conditioning.

Shading windows can help cut cooling costs, but can also cut the amount of light coming into our homes, which is a drawback in terms of taking advantage of natural lighting and in keeping houseplants alive. A better solution for keeping homes cooler, while also letting in sunlight, might be these press-in window inserts, which reduce the amount of solar heat gain transmitted through windows by almost half, while also drastically dampening outside noise.

The Indow Windows new Shade Grade window inserts, which are made from tinted acrylic, are like putting storm windows inside your home, and can be easily installed or removed, thanks to the company’s patented compression feature. The inserts come in a range of tints, from museum-grade (which block 98% of all UV rays) to privacy grade (which block any details or defined shadows from being seen) to blackout grade (blocks 100% of the light), and not only reduce the amount of outside noise that can come in through windows, but also block drafts and add another barrier for heat or cooling loss (especially when used over single-pane windows).

“Sunlight through a home’s windows can dramatically spike temperatures. Shade Grade inserts have a soft green tint and still let in plenty of light while reducing solar heat through your windows by almost 50%. Enjoy bright summer light without sweltering heat.

Like all Indow Windows, Shade Grade inserts are custom-fit using our laser-measuring system and have an airtight seal. This can dramatically reduce outside noise by up to 50% when placed over single-pane windows.” – Indow Windows

These tinted window inserts can help home and business owners from having to replace their windows in order to stay cooler, stay warmer, or cut the amount of outside noise pollution, and because there is no hardware to install or modifications necessary to use them, they are perfect for historic homes and buildings.

Find out more at Indow Windows.


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