Fred Water Elevates Refilling Water Bottles with Stylish Water Tower Dispenser

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Bottled water isn’t exactly a green product, because most of the time it’s not any better for you than tap water (and in fact the water inside the bottle is usually just municipal tap water), and because single-use products that generate more plastic waste is an idea that really needs to be rethought. So it’s encouraging when a bottled water brand encourages its customers to refill their bottles with tap water instead of buying another new one, and makes it stylish and fun to do so.

Fred Water, whose flask-shaped water bottles are designed to fit into a pocket (which is rather difficult to do with the traditional round bottles), is not afraid to take a little hit to their bottom line by encouraging their customers to refill their bottles, and to back that up, the company is releasing a water dispenser that would be right at home in the most upscale hotels, cafés, and offices.

The American-made Fred Water Tower takes its styling cues from the iconic water towers that were once seen in cities across the country, and is designed to be filled with tap water for refilling bottles and cups:

“Hand-polished, NSF-Certified food grade stainless steel, the Tower sits more than four-and-a-half feet tall and is offered in three, four and five gallon sizes. The simple drop-in activated charcoal filter removes chlorine, odor and taste from regular tap water, allowing people to have refreshing water in their daily life.”

The first of these Fred Water Tower dispensers debuted recently at Joie de Vivre’s new The Epiphany Hotel in downtown Palo Alto, and is expected to be rolled out to some of Commune Hotels’ select Joie De Vivre and Thompson Hotels properties in the near future. The hotels will furnish their guest rooms with the Fred Water bottles, and encourage users to refill them from the water tower dispensers located in their lobbies.

Fred Water fills its new BPA-free water bottles with natural spring water from the Catskill Mountains of New York, not municipal tap water, and the brand sells three different sizes of their product – 13.5oz, 20oz, and 33.8oz.

There’s no word yet on the prices for these unique water dispensers, but if you’re interested in getting one for your home or business, you can contact Fred Water through their website for more info.


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