PaperBoy Wines Chooses Ecologic to Supply Its Paper Wine Bottles

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paperboy-cardboard-wine-bottlesFor wine lovers, the glass bottles that deliver their favorite beverage can be a bit of an environmental boondoggle, as they’re not only heavy to transport, which adds to the carbon footprint of the product, but they’re also breakable, which means that they can’t be brought to places where glass containers are prohibited.

Glass is recyclable, so there is some redeeming eco-quality to it, but it takes quite a bit of energy to recycle glass, a greener option would be to package wine in a light and low impact container, such as the ones Ecologic makes from recycled cardboard with a recyclable plastic pouch inside.

Truett-Hurst, Inc., whose PaperBoy Wines brand promises a distinctly different choice in packaging, and one which is 85% lighter than the traditional glass wine bottle, has chosen Ecologic Brands as their bottle supplier for the next three years. The paper wine bottles, which are made from compressed recycled cardboard (“70% Old Corrugated Cardboard boxes (OCC) and 30% Old Newspapers (ONP)”) in the form of a standard wine bottle, feature a BPA-free pouch inside them, made from #4 Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) plastic.

“We are excited about partnering with Truett-Hurst in growing the wine category through innovation. This is an important milestone that will drive Ecologic’s mission of creating jobs and building a sustainable future with eco-friendly packaging designed and manufactured in California.” – Julie Corbett, Ecologic Brands CEO and Founder

Some wine aficionados might quail at the thought of drinking wine that has been “bottled” in a plastic pouch, but at an 85% weight savings, eco wine lovers may have something to cheer about with this PaperBoy Wines/Ecologic Brands agreement.


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