This DIY Wind Turbine Can be Built for $30

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The two renewable energy sources that are easiest to take advantage of for the average person are solar and wind power, and while they might both seem to be complex in nature, the fact of the matter is that the sun and the wind can be harvested for home energy use without a huge investment. Sure, the cost of solar panels can be rather off-putting when considering a system that can handle all of the electrical demand from home, and the purchase of a residential wind turbine can also be quite costly, but there are some decidedly low-tech options for the DIY and homebrew crowd.

For low-cost solar energy, a simple solar hot water heater (or pre-heater for your main water heater), or a solar air heater, can be built at home with a minimal investment and a lot of elbow grease. And in that vein, this DIY wind turbine idea promises to let you harvest the wind for clean energy, at a cost you can’t shake a stick at – $30.

While this DIY wind turbine assumes you have access to a lot of scrap materials, and may cost you more if you have to lay out some cash for the basic parts, it’s still going to come in well under the price of a manufactured wind turbine. According to Jeff at Sustainablog, it can also be put together by one person in six hours “without much effort.”

[repostus]How to Build a Wind Turbine for $30 (via sustainablog)

Renewable energy = high upfront costs… right? Yes, if you’re paying someone else to put your system together for you. Now, that seems like kind of a no-brainer for most of us: I certainly don’t feel like I know enough to build my own solar panel…


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