TerraCycle and Timbuktu Upcycle Vintage US Postal Service Bags into Messenger Bags

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Vintage is in. Upcycled is in. Messenger bags are in. What happens when you combine all three?

Timbuktu, in partnership with TerraCycle, has done so, and the resulting product is not only practical and beautiful, but it’s also highly practical. The company’s new bag design uses vintage US Postal Service mail bags, sourced by TerraCycle, for the raw material, which then get turned into a high quality messenger bag capable of hauling all of your work and play gear comfortably.

These limited edition bags are crafted from vintage nylon mail bags used in US Postal Service facilities from 1960 to 1990, so they’re one-of-a-kind, with unique wear marks from their first life. The bags, which come in two sizes and two natural colors, are lined with waterproof thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), and include the features we’ve come to expect from Timbuktu bags, such as organizer pockets, secure buckles with compression straps, water bottle pockets, a top grab handle, and a comfortable padded carrying strap (and cross-body strap).

“Each nylon mail bag is unique in print and wear, and therefore, each messenger bag we created is one of a kind. Its smart organization keeps weight evenly distributed and a contoured, airmesh strap pad makes going the distance cool and comfortable. Available in natural and vegetable-dyed colorways and produced in limited quantity, these messenger bags are rich in American history and ready to go another 10,000 miles.”

Get your vintage on for just $109 with the TerraCycle Upcycled Messenger Bag, “Vintage US Postal Service mail bags reimagined”.


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