Craft Beer Brewers Have a New Tool to Slash Energy and Water Costs

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Every business, large or small, needs to keep a careful eye on energy and water costs, but for industries that use a lot of both, such as breweries, keeping those costs down can make a huge difference in the bottom line. And for a small craft beer brewer, working on tighter margins and a smaller scale, using both water and energy in the most efficient manner is key.

One option that could help brewers keep energy and water costs in line in the production of craft beer is by integrating a combined heat and power (CHP) and wastewater treatment system, such as the latest model from PTG Water & Energy (PTG).

The company’s onsite power generation units use natural gas (or biogas) to power a turbine to produce electricity (avoiding grid blackouts), to provide free hot water from the exhaust heat, and to treat and recycle wastewater, potentially reducing the costs of electricity, heating, and cooling by over 50%.

The B-100 system is modular and scalable, so brewers can expand as they grow, and can be configured for both existing or new breweries.

Twisted Manzanita, a craft beer maker in Santee, CA, has chosen the PTG system for its production facility, and the company estimates that it will help to cut its electricity bill by more than 50%, its natural gas costs by more than 70%, and will pay for itself within 3-4 years.

“We’re obsessed with quality and attention to every detail. By controlling operating costs and isolating ourselves from electricity, power and water price increases, we’re in a much better position to deliver an excellent product and invest in our growth. PTG’s onsite power generation technology will be a critical part of our roadmap for expansion.” – Jeff Trevaskis, CEO of Twisted Manzanita

Find out more about PTG’s system for renewable energy and industrial wastewater treatment for craft beer breweries at their website.


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