Consumerism is Our Colony Collapse Disorder?

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If you’re at all interested in food and agriculture issues, you’ve probably heard of colony collapse disorder (CCD), which is devastating populations of honeybees worldwide and could radically impact our food supply, due to the deficit in pollinators for food crops. Colony collapse disorder, if left unchecked, has the potential to wipe out one of the most important parts of our food system, without which we wouldn’t have many of our favorite fruits, nuts, or vegetables. The human race’s complex interaction with the honeybee has developed over many years, and because of that interdependence, the fate of the honeybee is intertwined with the fate of the human race.

And CCD, because of its near-invisibility to the general public, is a great example to use when we talk about some of the other ills of society, including our out-of-control food, plastic, and e-waste problem, our resource extraction addiction, our climate-changing carbon problem, and our air and water pollution issues. Regular, everyday, actions that we take in our modern life aren’t seen as having a direct impact on these environmental and social issues, so they can seem innocuous, and we simply go on as if it’s business as usual.

But perhaps if we look at some of the core causes behind many of these environmental ills, we might find that consumerism, and our habit of buying or coveting everything we see, is a huge driver of waste, and one that Rev. Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping are speaking out about. Rhonda Winter, at EcoLocalizer, has the story:

Rev. Billy and Church of Stop Shopping: Our Colony Collapse?

[repostus]Rev. Billy and Church of Stop Shopping: Our Colony Collapse? (via EcoLocalizer)

Rev. Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping were in San Francisco recently, and held an inspiring sermon for an attentive crowd at the Bayview Boat Club. The reverend’s passionate words of warning about the cataclysmic climate change catastrophe that…


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