She knows what goats like: Crowdfunding with a daring twist

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One important component in the future of a more sustainable food system is increasing the number of smaller, independent, local food producers, and the rise in the number of aspiring farmers in both the country and in urban areas is a good indicator that interest in the agricultural and new food economy is growing, and with it, the number of food startups. And while food technology or packaging or marketing or app startups are sexier to the media than those businesses that focus on producing actual food (and not ‘food products’), ultimately it’s the food producing startups that could have the biggest overall impact on local food systems.

Just like a tech startup, a farming or dairy operation takes money to get off the ground, and crowdfunding is great way to raise capital, but it’s hard to compete with the rewards that tech campaigns offer for backing their crowdfunding campaign, especially if the things you produce are perishable, such as veggies or cheese or milk. So one aspiring goat-preneur is doing something a bit different with her crowdfunding campaign, which will fund the startup of an organic goat dairy.

Bethany Micarelli, a Seattle resident, is using Darelicious to raise the money she needs for her goat milk and “fromagerie” project, by daring herself to do something a little bit wacky. She’s promised her backers something you just can’t get anywhere else: a music video parodying “I Know What Boys Like”, dressed like Little Bo Peep, with a caprine twist:

It’s one thing to grow a few extra veggies in your yard, or to keep a couple of chickens or milk goats, and another thing to dress up in the costume of a nursery rhyme character and make a parody music video with your goats, in order to raise money to raise more goats.

If you’d like to see Bethany’s goat-preneurial dreams succeed, or you just want to watch her frolic with goats while singing an 80s tune, kick in a few bucks to her campaign.

Update: Bethany reached her goal, so as she promised, here is here video:


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