Ocean Energy Turbine Prototype Seeks Crowdfunding

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When it comes to viable renewable energy sources, we’re all probably well aware of wind power, solar panels, and hydroelectricity, but there’s another option, and one that could potentially replace our dependence on fossil fuels and nuclear energy.

The energy available from ocean currents has a big advantage over solar and wind power, in that these currents are consistently reliable, and don’t have down periods, such as can happen when the winds are calm and the sun is down. This alone can make ocean energy a desirable alternative to other forms of renewable energy, and when added to the fact that ocean energy harvesting devices can be installed virtually out of sight (something that can’t be done with solar and wind power), looking to the ocean for our clean energy could be a smart move.

There’s a new ocean energy turbine project that is claimed to be able to “effectively harness ocean currents on a commercial scale,” and the group behind it is looking for a little help to fully develop and build their second generation turbine prototype.


“Ocean currents are always flowing at a constant velocity and ocean current turbines are always generating electricity at a steady even rate. Ocean currents provide reliable consistent energy. One issue with wind power is the light obstruction, noise, and vibration when wind turbines are located too close to populated areas. We have an advantage here because our ocean turbines run almost silent and no one will see them or hear them when they are installed on the sea floor. Invisible reliable energy.” – Crowd Energy

Not only has Crowd Energy developed a viable ocean energy turbine, but they’ve also designed it to take advantage of the shaft torque to drive a high pressure reverse osmosis desalinization pump, which means that the ocean energy turbine can produce more than clean energy, and can provide a near-limitless supply of clean fresh water, which is also in short supply on our planet.

Check out the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, or get more information on this ocean energy turbine at Crowd Energy.


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