Solar Hacking Kit Makes any AA or AAA Device Solar Powered

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Solar Hacking Kit Makes any AA or AAA Device Solar Powered

While there are a number of solar chargers and solar gadgets already on the market, sometimes you just want to convert a device to be solar powered.

But unless you’ve got some technical skills and know exactly what materials you’ll need, turning a battery-powered device into one that’s powered by the sun isn’t nearly as simple as it could be. Until now.

Sparkle Labs, which features products that have a blend of art, craft, and science, and that give people a chance to access and experiment with new technologies, will soon be offering a Solar Hacking Kit that can make converting battery-operated devices into solar powered ones much easier.

The SunMod kit, which includes a 4.8V flexible solar cell with pre-soldered metal connectors, can take any device powered by AA or AAA batteries and turn it into one that uses the sun’s rays. It can be used to convert a variety of different devices, including children’s toys, remote controls, portable speakers, computer mouses, and more, making it easy and fun to get started with solar energy projects.

The kit doesn’t include NiMH rechargeable batteries, but only costs about $20, and is available for pre-order from Sparkle Labs or Grand St..


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