An Affordable Hearing Aid with a Social Mission

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A revolutionary digital hearing aid, designed to fit invisibly in the ear, is being launched at an affordable price through a crowdfunding campaign that has a social component to it.

With millions of people around the world suffering from hearing loss, a surprisingly low number of them turn to using a hearing aid, which can successfully treat many hearing issues. Some of the reasons that consumers eschew hearing aids are the bulky size of the units, or their high cost (sometimes as much as $1000), or even the inconvenience of having to go to see a specialist to get evaluated and fitted for the devices.

But the company behind the newest digital hearing aid, iHear Medical, is trying to change all of that, with at-home and online tools for testing and fitting the device, along with an affordable price of less than $200.

The iHear HD device, which is about the same size and weight of a kidney bean, fits securely and virtually invisibly inside the user’s ear, and is said to deliver a comfortable fit and “superior sound delivery.”

This 100% digital and “invisible” affordable digital hearing aid is also programmable to offer low-noise and low distortion sound for a variety of different hearing loss types, “including flat, reverse slopes, high frequency, mild, moderate to moderately-severe losses.” The settings of the device can be adjusted at home, and a wireless volume control allows users to easily adjust it for optimum usability in whatever environment they may find themselves in.

As part of the crowdfunding campaign, iHear Medical is offering a free unit to an economically disadvantaged individual for every hearing device ordered through their Indiegogo campaign, in collaboration with Hearing For All and other hearing advocacy groups, up to 1000 devices.

“When you order a hearing device, we donate a hearing device. Hearing For All is a campaign led by iHEAR Medical and the Hearing For All foundation to donate up to 1,000 hearing aids to the economically disadvantaged, who make up 40% of the hearing loss population in the US.”

While the standard price for this invisible digital hearing aid is very affordable, at just $199, an Early Bird perk of a single iHear HD unit is currently available for just $149 (limited availability). If you or someone you know suffers from hearing loss, this affordable hearing aid could be just the thing you’ve been waiting for, and with the ‘get one, give one’ model, you’ll also be helping to enable someone less fortunate to hear better as well.


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