Craft Brewery Combines Beer, Classic Cars, Biodiesel, and Renewable Energy

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When you combine a Canadian craft brewery powered by 100% clean energy that hauls its product in biodiesel-fueled tractor trailers, delivers the brewskis in a fleet of restored classic American trucks, and diverts 95% of the waste from its operations, you get a truly green beer company.

Steam Whistle Brewing is setting the bar high for sustainable breweries, and serving as a great example of how companies can continue to do what they do best while also trying to make a difference in our modern high-carbon and highly water-intensive culture. Zachary Coffey, at our sister site Gas2, has the full story (and lots of great photos of the company’s green truck fleet) about how Steam Whistle is building a brighter tomorrow.

Steam Whistle Brewing Combines Classic Cars and Clean Energy

[repostus]Steam Whistle Brewing Combines Classic Cars And Green Energy (via Gas 2.0)

What do Canadian craft brews, classic American cars, and green energy have in common? Steam Whistle Brewing, a Toronto, Canada-based craft brewery that is an exemplary model of the green revolution infiltrating the brewing industry, combining out love…


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