Xtracycle’s EdgeRunner Could be the Ultimate in Urban Cargo Bikes

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One of the most sustainable forms of transportation that we have is the humble bicycle, as it’s efficient, affordable, and doesn’t require any type of fossil fuels to operate. But one major drawback to using bicycles for everyday transportation is their lack of flexibility for carrying different sizes and shapes of loads (including passengers), which can severely their use by a wider range of the population. It’s one thing to load up your backpack or panniers with your gear for work or play, and another thing entirely when it comes to packing a week’s worth of groceries, or a load from the home improvement center, on your bicycle, and being able to easily ride home with them.

Cargo bikes, however, offer a lot more room for hauling, but tend to make a big compromise when it comes to maneuverability and weight, and let’s face it, not everyone wants to ride a bulky or heavy bicycle all the time.

But there’s a unique version of the cargo bike available from Xtracycle, which can not only carry bags or boxes with ease, but can also accommodate a passenger or two as well. Xtracycle’s EdgeRunner model combines a passenger seat, a bike rack, a bike bag, and more, into a “long-tail” cargo bike that is efficient to ride, handles responsively, and is lighter than a lot of other cargo bike options on the market.

The Xtracycle EdgeRunner has a low load platform over its smaller (20″) rear wheel, which helps keep the bike stable even when loaded, and a “step-through” high quality chromoly frame that’s easy to mount. The upright pedaling position makes it comfortable to ride, especially for longer trips, without sacrificing pedaling efficiency. The EdgeRunner is available in two frame sizes, three different models, four choices of colors, and features several accessory packages to fit the riders’ needs, from hauling gear to hauling kids. Xtracycle offers the LongLoader (for lengthy loads), the folding SideCar (for bulkier items), and the Hooptie, which adds a safety element when riding with children on the load platform.

Because the Xtracycle EdgeRunner is like having a trailer without having to pull one behind you, it could serve to be a great addition to any bicycle-centric business, from package delivery to food delivery, and could replace the family wagon for running errands or doing the shopping. Prices for the EdgeRunner start at $1599.


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