Propellant-Free Technology Could Shake Up the Aerosol Can Industry

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Aerosol cans are simple to use, convenient, and dependable for dispensing everything from personal care and cleaning products to automotive and industrial chemicals. But aerosols are also responsible for releasing massive amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOC) into the atmosphere, contributing to both climate change and air pollution, they’re expensive to manufacture and ship, and are limited to just one shape – a cylinder.

An Israeli entrepreneur believes he has the solution, in the form of a better method of packaging and dispensing products that doesn’t require any form of gas propellent, and one that can be produced in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

According to Gadi Har-shai, co-founder and CEO of GreenSpense, the company’s new eco-sleeve technology can deliver the same dispensing experience that customers expect, but with a much lower environmental impact. The GreenSpense system uses a nanotechnology-based sleeve that fits over the product (inside the outer packaging) and produces a constant pressure to dispense the product from the container:

“The GreenSpense eco-sleeve is a special lightweight nano-organic-based sleeve that allows high pressure propellant-free continuous dispensing. The eco-sleeve is mounted over standard BOV (Bag On Valve) or BiCan (Bag in Can) pouches prior to filling, using GreenSpense’s mounting machine.

Depending on the volume and size of the bag, the inner diameter of the sleeve, and the specific sleeve’s compound characteristics, the eco-sleeve can generate typical pressure rates starting from seven-eight bars and ending at three-four bars when emptying the pouch and its contents, to provide the same dispensing experience which consumers are accustomed to. The eco-sleeve maintains low relaxation properties to ensure shelf life of up to 24 months, with no more than a 10% pressure drop throughout the period.” – GreenSpense PDF

If all 12 billion aerosols that are sold annually used the GreenSpense system instead of the current aerosol technology, Har-shai says that it could eliminate 500,000 tons of gas propellants and 2.5 million tons of carbon emissions every year.

GreenSense was picked as a winner of the 2013 International Cleantech Open Ideas Competition and named as one of the 2013 Top Ten most promising cleantechs in Europe. The company was also picked for 700 for Science’s 2014 Portfolio700, an annual collection of promising early-stage biotech startups.


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