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Entrepreneur Creates a Gentle Feminine Wash for a Healthy Hoohoo

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The best ideas for products and services are the ones you desperately want for yourself or a friend, but that nobody offers yet, and that’s exactly what entrepreneur Stacy Lyon focused on when building her business, which meets a need that centers around a somewhat taboo topic – feminine hygiene.

Several years ago, Lyon learned that a friend’s cancer diagnosis included the discovery that parabens had been found in her tissues, and shortly thereafter she also happened to have a conversation with a nurse practitioner about the rising numbers of her OBGYN patients who suffered from discomfort and recurring infections “down there.” That led her to further conversations with female friends about the discomfort issue, and a search for more information about the optimal products for feminine wash and care.

What she found out, after speaking with health experts, including a gynocologist and a naturopath, along with her own research, is that most of the feminine wash products and intimate cleansers contained harsh soaps, dyes, synthetic fragrances, and parabens in them. And that these types of ingredients not only upset the natural balance in a woman’s body, but could also serve to “open the door” to unwanted bacteria or be responsible for creating other discomforts.

“I embarked on an exhaustive but fruitless search for a line of products that would address the concerns I had heard. That’s when a light bulb went off in my head and the idea of healthy hoohoo was born: why not create something natural, gentle and paraben-free but with a fun, empowering vibe?” – Lyon

At first, Lyon thought that she could formulate her own simple and pure feminine wash products on her own, but quickly found that her skills in that area were lacking, so she found an experienced formulation chemist to work with her to develop an intimate cleanser with just the right ingredients, and nothing else. It took batch after batch to narrow the formulas down to just three contenders, at which point she enlisted her women friends (her “hoohoo mavens”) to test them out.

“Our products were conceived by the talents of a chemist specializing in natural products, painstakingly choosing each ingredient for being “best in class.” Our picky blend of extracts and ingredients are pH balanced and provide just the right amount of cleansing with just the right amount of moisturizing. Embracing the fact that when it comes to feminine cleansing, “less is more,” our formulations are second only to water. Your hoohoo is, after all, a self-cleaning oven!” – healthy hoohoo

healthy hoohoo now offers three different feminine wash products, a foaming cleanser, an “ever-so-mild” liquid cleanser, and travel wipes, all of which are pH balanced and free from parabens, alcohol, dyes, fragrances, phthaletes, and detergents.

By building her business around a product that meets her needs, and those of many others like her, Lyon not only has the satisfaction of creating a healthier alternative for women, but one that can also have a much bigger impact on their lives, by contributing to their overall wellbeing.

I cannot describe the feeling I get from hearing a woman say, “I just don’t think about things down there anymore since I no longer have symptoms of an imbalance.” – Lyon

healthy hoohoo products are available from their website,,, or from select Whole Foods Markets and natural grocers.

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