Agriculture Investment is Focus of New Equity Crowdfunding Platform

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In a world with a skyrocketing population that already faces global food security issues, finding more efficient and productive ways to feed people in this era of drought and extreme weather is a key component of a more sustainable future. And similar to most industries, the lack of sufficient capital to launch and implement new solutions in agriculture may be keeping some innovations from reaching those who could most benefit from them, namely the farmers and their customers.

But a new equity crowdfunding platform that focuses solely on agriculture and agriculture-related investments could give a much-needed boost to startups working in agriculture, ag technology, and food processing solutions, while also helping investors to diversify their portfolios.

“AgFunder is the premier marketplace for the most promising Ag and AgTech startups seeking to raise investment capital from accredited investors.”

The AgFunder platform addresses both sides of the agriculture investment equation, as it allows companies to raise capital by selling equity in their company (while also showcasing their product or service to potential investors), and it provides accredited investors with a platform to find pre-screened early stage investment opportunities in agriculture and agriculture technology companies.

According to SeedStock, AgFunder is currently focusing on their “sweet spot”, which includes companies wishing to raise between $500,000 and $2 million, particularly in the agriculture technology and robotics applications. As the platform grows, AgFunder may be adding farmland projects and larger investment opportunities, including international projects.

AgFunder is currently in beta, and has only two projects listed, TerViva, a biofuel company, and the AgFunder platform itself, though many more projects are said to be in the works.

“Global agriculture is a $6.4 trillion dollar market, the largest in the world. To meet the demand for food, fuel, clothes, and timber from nearly 10 billion people by year 2050, agricultural production will need to double, or perhaps triple, by that time. This will require trillions of dollars of investment capital into technology, equipment, infrastructure, human capital and sustainable development.” – AgFunder

Find out more about this agriculture investment and equity crowdfunding platform at AgFunder.


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