New Platform Changes the Way Crowdfunded Electronics are Brought to Market

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untitledThanks to a new community platform, hardware inventors, design and manufacturing experts, and financial backers have a new tool for bringing their next-generation hardware devices to the market. This new consumer electronics platform from HWTrek could change the way crowdfunded electronic devices and technology go from idea to prototype to funding to market.

By providing an opportunity to showcase new innovations in electronics, to interact and engage with industry experts, and to connect with hardware manufacturers, this platform offers a variety of benefits to inventors, including the ability to use crowdfunding to raise the money to launch their product.

HWTrek’s easy-to-navigate site enables hardware inventors in the wearable, sports, toys/games, cameras/AV, family and home automation, mobile device accessories, auto, health and science categories to communicate with experts through five distinct steps to bring their ideas to market:

  • Submit Idea: Change the world with your product vision
  • Connect with Experts: Get your product prototyped with global, technology experts
  • Find Solutions: HWTrek experts will help you find the right key components or module boards you need to make your product
  • Create It: Leverage HWTrek’s direct channels to manufacturers that help inventors navigate the complexities of bringing their hardware to market
  • Crowdfund: Fund the cost of building your product

With access to over 130 experts from top hardware manufacturers in Asia, plus the opportunity for creators to demonstrate and showcase their inventions to a wider audience, as well as the possibility to find partners and collaborators, users of the HWTrek platform could find the leverage needed to bring their product to market.

“HWTrek feels bringing the right people together is a key component today for technology innovation.  We are committed to providing makers the channel they need to raise money and bring their project to life. Our community platform brings people together, while fostering innovation – giving everybody an opportunity to be a part of the ‘next big thing’.” – Lucas Wang, CEO of HWTrek

HWTrek also offers opportunities for hardware experts to mentor product creators, as well as to review and pre-order devices before they hit the open market.

Find out how HWTrek can help you bring your electronic device from idea to reality.

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