This Website Donates to Charity Everytime You Go Online

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In principle, I think that just about everyone supports giving to charity, but in reality, most of us don’t make the effort to pull out the checkbook and donate some of our income to a charitable endeavor. But a new website aims to make it simple to donate to charity, and it doesn’t cost you a penny.

The internet has made so many things so much easier, from communication to networking to viewing media to gaming and entertainment, and most of us go online at last once a day (or like many of us, we log on to the web a number of times throughout the day), so what better way to encourage and enable the support of charities than by using one of our favorite things.

A new startup called Welzoo wants to take our daily internet habit and turn it into a force for good, by donating to charities every single time we go online.

“At Welzoo, we believe in contributing to the world around us. That’s why we built a website that pioneers a new trend in giving. Through detailed research, we’ve discovered that while most people wish to improve the world, only few believe they can do anything about it. On the contrary! We’re here to demonstrate that anyone and everyone can support worthy causes, no matter their resources. Welzoo enables Internet users from all walks of life to help a non-profit organization of their choice by simply changing their homepage.

Registration is 100% free for both users and non-profit organizations. In these tough times, Welzoo offers a way for people to truly and directly support what matters to them without ever reaching into their own wallets. Each day that a Welzoo user goes online, an additional donation is being made because of his or her presence. Each and every person that uses Welzoo makes a real and immediate difference for an important non-profit organization.” – Welzoo

Users only have to sign up and make a single change, that of their choice of homepage for their browser, and every time they use that homepage, Welzoo will donate to a charity of the user’s choice. After signing up and choosing topics of interest to them, users can pick a charity to support with their activity, and then specify as their homepage. Every time they load their homepage, a post from a website that matches their topics of interest will be loaded onto the page, along with the Welzoo toolbar.

The toolbar shows the overall total amount donated to charity through Welzoo, as well as the total donated to the user’s choice of charities, as well as a Google search function, a browser history function, and the option to share the current page via email, Twitter, or Facebook. One big plus for this toolbar is that it isn’t always visible in the browser, as some of those obnoxious browser toolbars do, but is only visible and active on the user’s homepage. Once they navigate away from it, or open a new tab, their browser is the same as it always is.

It’s quick to sign up and set Welzoo as the homepage, it’s a completely painless way to donate to charity, and you might even discover some interesting websites and articles that you haven’t seen before through Welzoo.


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