Crowdfunding a Social or Eco Enterprise? Get Featured!

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Crowdfunding Platform

Got a great green, eco, or social entrepreneurship project that you’re using crowdfunding to get off the ground?

We can help you get a boost in exposure and funding by featuring your Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or other crowdfunding platform project here for some extra attention.

So go ahead and send us that email. But first, some instructions!

The Hows:

  1. Send the editor (me) an email at with your pitch
  2. Reference ‘Crowdfunding platform’ in your subject line
  3. Include the following in your email:
  • What is your project all about?
  • Who does it benefit?
  • Why is your project relevant to our audience? (remember, we will accept only those with a clear social or environmental focus)
  • How do you plan to accomplish that (brief description)?
  • Link to your project campaign page
  • What is your financial goal and your deadline?
  • Your final pitch

And yes, don’t forget to send us an image (and link to video, if you have one) to accompany the post.

The Whys:

  • We love innovative products and services that have a positive social, environmental, and financial impact on the world.
  • We appreciate the way that crowdfunding levels the playing field for entrepreneurs and small businesses.
  • We want to help disruptive businesses and products get more exposure on the web, and thereby possibly getting more funding, more collaborators, and a higher success rate.

What You Get:

Extensive social media coverage and possibly enough donations to meet your goal! Think of this crowdfunding platform as another way to bring attention to your campaign page.

Once submitted, the project will be reviewed to ensure it meets our editorial guidelines, is innovative, feasible, and has the potential to create a positive impact.

Tip: Please send the request sooner than later so we can be effective in helping you meet your goals. Once approved the post will be published within the week.

If you want maximum exposure for your crowdfunded project, we also offer site sponsorships for all of the blogs in the Important Media network, sponsored posts, as well as self-serve advertising options.


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