Crowdfunding Handmade Slow Fashion Helps Keep Block Printing Alive

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Crowdfunding Handmade Slow Fashion Helps Keep Block Printing AliveIn a culture where fashion is based on mass-manufactured clothing, handmade apparel has a great appeal, not only because you don’t see it everyday, but also because the unique qualities of artisan-made clothes can elevate your personal wardrobe into the realm of art.

Bringing the ancient art of Indian wood block printing to the modern world of fashion, artist Rebecca Layton’s Rekh & Datta clothing company is based on the “slow fashion” concept, which favors quality over quantity, and ethically-made clothing over mass-produced apparel.

The Rekh & Datta Manifesto

  1. Slow Clothes – Clothes made slowly, with quality and care by highly skilled artisans who are paid a fair wage.
  2. Modern Designs / Traditional Methods – Fabric made with contemporary motifs using ancient techniques.
  3. No Middle Men – Every single person involved in hand-printing the fabric and stitching the clothes is known personally by us.

Crowdfunding Handmade Slow Fashion Helps Keep Block Printing Alive2

The fabric for the Rekh & Datta clothing line is hand-printed with sustainable dyes, using hand-carved wood blocks, in the same methods that have been practiced for centuries in Jaipur, India.

“In the past, I’ve worked mostly alone in my studio with the materials at hand. But in India, I was working directly with artisans – the men who carved the wooden blocks, the printers who print block by block. Then I met and collaborated with a clothing designer to transform these printed fabrics into beautiful garments. It’s a long, collaborative effort with many hands involved in the process.” – Layton

a Kickstarter campaign, which will help to fund the first sample production run, and backers at the $100 and up level will be the first to own one of these unique articles of handmade slow clothing.


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