Crowdfunding Reality TV Show Captures Entrepreneurial Spirit of Small Businesses

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What do you get when you cross reality TV with crowdfunding and the entrepreneurial spirit of small businesses?

You get Reality Crowd TV, a new show focused on showing how the average citizen can use the power of crowdfunding to turn their dining room table into the boardroom table of their own small business.

For most people, having a brilliant idea for a product or service isn’t cause to start a business, because for the most part, the lack of proper financing and access to a large enough audience to launch a successful business holds them back. But thanks to the booming crowdfunding movement, it’s possible to not only start a business on a shoestring, but to potentially get enough funding to make a serious go of it.

The new crowdfunding reality TV show will also aim to show the other side of the coin, which is participating in crowdfunding to back great projects that fit our interests, and the use of crowdfunding to help launch social good initiatives for communities and local economies.

“Over the past decade a shadow has been cast over the American dream for millions of people who have been laid off or who have spent the last four years earning a university degree only to graduate with no hope of finding a professional career path.

We want to rekindle the Statue of Liberty’s dream and show that anyone in America with a dazzling business idea, a lot of hard work, the proper business planning tools and a truly revolutionary new finance tool called Crowdfunding can start their own business and create millions of new jobs in the process.” – Manolis Sfinarolakis, Host of Reality Crowd TV

Reality Crowd TV will be touring cities across the US beginning in January, and will be visiting Boston, New York, Atlanta (or Charlotte), Miami, Chicago (or Detroit), Denver (or Las Vegas), Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Minneapolis/St. Paul (or Seattle), Los Angeles, Honolulu, and Palo Alto. The show is currently looking for experts in everything from advertising to small business development to legal counsel to appear on the show, and plans to interview governors, mayors and economic development councils and to conduct televised town hall meetings.

The new show aims to be different than other entrepreneurial shows, such as Shark Tank:

“Instead of bashing entrepreneurs for being unprepared, the Reality Crowd TV will present in-depth discussions on how to write effective business plans/crowdfunding profiles, how to shoot effective pitch videos, outline what perks/rewards work best, how to plan a real marketing budget to raise awareness and reach the right target audience of potential donors/investors and what calls-to-action will cause Americans to visit and donate/invest their hard earned money in crowdfunding campaigns.”

And in the spirit of crowdfunding entrepreneurial endeavors, the majority of the funding for the production of the show itself will come from a crowdfunding campaign, although the exact dates of the project launch and crowdfunding platform to be used for this have not been announced yet..

If you’re interested in participating in this crowdfunding reality TV show as a guest or speaker or expert, or to recommend a future location, you can sign up for consideration at Reality Crowd TV.


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