What are the Benefits of a Home Automation System? (Infographic)

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For those willing to add a little bit of technology and connectivity to their home, it’s a brave new world out there, thanks to a slew of recent innovations in home automation.

By adding hardware components and software to connect them (and you) together, it’s possible to begin turning your house into a smarthome, which can save you both time and money. By allowing you to have more granular control over your home’s temperature, security system, lighting, and door locks, no matter where you are, using just your smartphone or tablet, a home automation system offers a variety of benefits for homeowners and renters alike.

From smarter lighting to intelligent power outlets, to smart water and electric meters, as well as remote monitoring solutions for security and safety and remote locking and garage door closing capabilities, the coming Internet of Things is enabling a revolution in smarthome adoption.

The team at My Alarm Center created this infographic that spells out some of the benefits that a home automation system can offer, including saving money on your home insurance (up to 20%), your heating and cooling bills (an average of 15%), and even helping to make one the most basic features in our houses, light bulbs, last many times longer than usual.

In addition to the potential benefits of home automation for homeowners, it appears that there are some great opportunities for eco-entrepreneurs looking to start or grow their business. According to this graphic, the growing trend of smarthomes and remote monitoring and control systems is expected to almost double in the next two years, which could offer market opportunities for not only installing and maintaining home automation systems, but in creating the hardware or software that can enable either plug-n-play functionality, or methods for making the various tech platforms more compatible with each other for more seamless integration for the end users.


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