These women’s underwear are on a mission

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We’re probably fairly aware of at least some of the issues that people in the developing world face, including limited (or no) access to clean water, as well as lack of sanitary facilities for going to the bathroom or washing up afterward.

But unless you’re a woman, chances are you aren’t aware of another pressing issue that can have serious health ramifications for many women across the world, and that is the lack of adequate sanitary feminine hygiene products for managing their monthly periods.

And while it may not be the easiest or most comfortable thing to talk about, menstruation is a fact of life for women, and it happens regardless of whether or not they have the supplies to be able to go through their period with dignity. And there are serious health implications that can affect their daily lives through the use of unhygienic materials during those times, so it’s a very real problem for many women.

However, a small company with a social conscience is taking aim at that issue with their line of women’s “underwear with a mission”.

Founded by Phaemie Ng, Two Rags has a unique solution to the issue of women’s hygiene issues, which is to give a kit of eco-friendly sanitary pads to a woman in need for every pair of underwear they sell.

“We want to equip girls and women everywhere with the essentials to lead a life with dignity. We work literally from the bottom up, by giving girls and women the tools to effectively manage their periods so they are no longer held back.” – Two Rags

According to the Two Rags website, in many parts of the world, sanitary pads are too expensive to purchase regularly (or at all), and women resort to using unhygienic materials for their periods, including old rags or clothing, newspaper, leaves, mattress stuffing, or even sand or ashes. In India, it’s said that 70% of women lack the means to purchase sanitary pads, as the amount of money that would take might be able to feed their family for a week.

By using unhygienic makeshift materials for their period, these women can be affected by serious health issues such as urinary tract infections, rashes, reproductive tract infections, and more. And not only does this affect their personal health, lack of sanitary supplies can also mean that girls skip school or drop out completely, which can impact the rest of their lives.

At Two Rags, both the underwear and the kits of sanitary pads are being manufactured in India “by ethical cooperatives who train displaced or disadvantaged communities in useful skills like sewing and embroidery.” The kits, which have the potential to make a very real positive impact on the lives of women, include 5 quick-drying pads that can be washed and reused again and again, as well as a pouch for storage.

Two Rags will be offering a total of 8 varieties of women’s underwear for sale at first, with plans to expand that as the business grows. The products aren’t shipping just yet, but if you’d like to support the efforts of this social entrepreneur, sign up for the Two Rags newsletter to find out when they will be available.


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