14 Great Fuel Efficient Cars You Can Buy for Your Company in 2014

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[Originally published at Gas 2.]

Building a successful business doesn’t just include making more sales and maximizing profits, it also includes making smart decisions when it comes to the equipment your company invests in, ranging from operations to transportation. With that in mind, you may want to take a good hard look at this coverage of the 14 best fuel efficient cars you can buy in 2014, so when it comes time to buy a delivery vehicle or other company car, you’ll know which cars will give you the best value for the money, at least in terms of fuel efficiency.

[repostus]14 Best Fuel Efficient Cars You Can Buy in 2014 (via Gas 2.0)

2014 is right around the corner, and before you say it: yes, I know that’s a 2015 Mustang up there that won’t be on sale until the end of 2014 … but I don’t care. You’ll be able to buy it in 2014, it’s gorgeous, and if you don’t want one…


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