Could a Lighting Makeover Improve Your Work?

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Many of us are remarkably laid back about the lighting we use to light our work and living spaces, and we let our illumination needs get met with whatever fixtures and bulbs are already there.

It’s rather silly when you think about it, as just about any space can be improved by better lighting, so why wouldn’t we be willing to take a little time, and invest a little money, improving our lighting?

Better lighting doesn’t have to mean choosing higher wattage bulbs or different light fixtures to accommodate specialized bulbs, because the new range of full spectrum lights that are on the market now can not only save energy and money, but also fit right into standard light sockets.

Chances are, whether you’re working on a creative visual project, preparing food, writing, playing music, going over company financials, or brainstorming with your team, the addition of color-enhanced full spectrum light bulbs could probably make an improvement in your work.

Here’s a look at the opinions of four cultural tastemakers on what a lighting makeover using GE’s Reveal bulbs can do for you:

Featured in this GE video are fashion designer Andrea Spratt, lighting designer Solomon Monsoor, chef Pace Webb, and makeup artist Stephanie Navarro.

Find out more about the Reveal line of lightbulbs from GE Lighting, from LEDs to CFLs to halogens to linear fluorescents.


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