Offshore Wind Power Offers Oceans of Opportunity

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Wind power is now the cheapest option for new electricity in many if not most places. Onshore wind power has been the dominant form of wind power so far. It is currently much cheaper than offshore wind power. However, offshore wind power is just getting on its feet.

Within a few years, it may become an even cheaper option. The winds are steadier and stronger over the sea and the ocean. Siemens is one of the companies leading the way into this offshore wind power arena. Check out this fun video created to promote this nascent but powerful field and Siemens’ wicked offshore wind turbines.

In places like the east coast of the United States and many of the seas surrounding the UK and western Europe, the continental shelf drops off gradually and makes offshore wind power a more viable option. In places like Hawaii or California, where the underwater topography drops off quickly to great depths, securing underwater structure and support for these towering wind turbines is trickier, to say the least.

[Disclosure: This post was supported by Siemens.]


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