Elaico Brings Intimate Touch to the Internet

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In our über-connected world, visual and audio stimuli are easy to experience and share, most of the time with just the click of a button. However, there really isn’t a way to reach out and actually touch another person across the internet, and a solution to that could make a big difference in staying connected with our partner, even when we’re miles apart.

But one company is developing a way for two people to intimately interact, regardless of where in the world they both happen to be.

With the elaico system, wireless accessories for both men and women allow their partner to “touch” each other, and when combined with a Skype connection, to see each other at the same time.

“With elaico it will be possible to feel and touch one another over the internet. It combines design and technology in a playful way.

Falling in love over the internet is nothing unusual these days. elaico is made for couples who live in long distant relationships or just happen to be apart a lot due to job or other obligations.

The elaico lifestyle products for women and men enable people all over the world to connect emotionally. Completely independent of their location thanks to the fact that these products can be controlled over the internet. Smartly designed remotes enable intuitive use. They run wireless via Bluetooth and our Skype extra tool allows an effortless transmission of video, audio and touch.” – elaico

In essence, these products are remote-controlled vibrators, allowing for a new method of intimate communication and bridging the gap between technology and the physical body.

elaico also plans for a “sensual network”, with several different options, from a ‘solo’ experience to a private couples room to a virtual ‘playground’ for meeting and playing with others.

For more info, see elaico’s Indiegogo campaign or their website.


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