This App Can Help Your Business Reduce Its Carbon Footprint

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If your business wants some help reducing its carbon footprint, in order to be a little greener and more sustainable, without having to make major investments in new equipment, there’s an app for that.

A strategic partnership between Emission Information Inc. (EI) and Genscape Inc., will soon allow consumers and businesses alike to see exactly where their electricity is coming from, and provide them with localized, hourly greenhouse gas emission information. This data can help users better understand their own carbon footprint for energy consumption, and enable them to make energy choices that support the “cleanest” times to use electricity.

“Using data provided by Genscape, the leading global provider of energy information for commodity and financial markets, EI has developed proprietary algorithms, software models, and mobile and web apps that provide hourly forecasts of emissions intensity from electricity use for millions of electricity consumers by ZIP code. The localized, hourly greenhouse gas (GHG) emission information delivered by EI’s apps is several orders of magnitude more precise than the existing methods of estimating carbon footprint from electricity use.” – EI

The app gives users data for both realtime and forecasted (up to a week in advance) GHG emissions for their electricity demand, which will allow for better scheduling of energy usage, which can reduce their carbon footprint.

“Electricity is generated in a variety of ways — electrical plants fueled by coal, oil, gas, nuclear and renewable energy are the main methods — and emission volume (carbon) vary considerably by method. When electricity is provided to a specific geography or service area, the mix of how it was generated at any given time determines how “clean” the electricity is. The Emission Information app provides consumers with a forecast of how much carbon is emitted into the air, based on the types of electricity generation scheduled for distribution in a certain geography, at a certain time. When consumers have access to this information through the app, they can select the ‘cleanest’ time to use electricity, and reduce their carbon footprint.” – EI

Find out more at Emission Information Inc.

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