Is this the Holy Grail of Eco-Materials?

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Imagine an eco-material that has the potential to replace plastic and wood in a number of diverse products, from consumer goods to industrial parts to construction materials to musical instruments, and one that is completely non-toxic and recyclable.

This material could be made at different densities, offering a product that is strong and water- and fire-resistant at higher densities, but insulating and lightweight at lower densities, so it easily lends itself to a variety of applications. This miracle eco-material is also able to be molded, poured, pressed, sprayed, or otherwise shaped into just about any form, and can be colored or stained or coated or machined into products that are not only functional, but that are beautiful as well.

It also happens to be made with one of the most abundant substances on Earth.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, if the work of one Australian company gets the boost it needs, we may start seeing this “game-changing” eco-material being integrated into all sorts of products around us.

Zeoform is the name of the product, and it’s made with 100% cellulose fibers (which could come from waste paper and fiber) and bound together without any type of glue, using a natural process called hydroxyl binding):

“In scientific terms, cellulose is derived from D-glucose units – multiple hydroxyl groups on glucose chains form hydrogen bonds with oxygen atoms on neighboring chains, holding chains firmly together side-by-side and forming microfibrils with high tensile strength. Microfibrils are meshed into a carbohydrate matrix, conferring rigidity to plant cells.

In plain English – Cellulose fibres stick together in water and with the creation of Zeoform we have discovered a way to exploit this, much like nature has, to make a moulding material that sets as strong as ebony.” – Zeoform

According to the company, the material is sustainable in a number of ways:

  • comprised of cellulose and water – and nothing else

  • contains no chemicals, glues, binders, synthetics – no toxins of any kind

  • converts waste fibre (paper, cloth, plant)

  • converts renewable fiber

  • from harvest to manufacturing – energy & water efficient

  • from recycling to manufacturing – energy & water efficient

  • materials can be recycled / re-used indefinitely

  • entirely biodegradable – adds cellulose back into the earth!

  • certified by a world-leading Cellulose Laboratory (pending)

  • high-index Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of ZEOFORM products

  • low carbon footprint

  • low environmental impact

  • brand strategy positively influences worldwide audience

  • adds to GDP of countries – creates jobs from village to industrial scale

  • economies of scale grow as industry expands worldwide

  • more competitive pricing as traditional resources diminish

Zeoform will be launching a crowdfunding campaign on October 11th to help jumpstart their production, attempting to raise $10 million in just 30 days. The company will also be showcasing the product and campaign at the LA Green Festival on October 19th. Get the full scoop on Zeoform at their website.


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