Eco-Friendly Business Promotion Techniques

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Taking steps to become eco-friendly can serve as a promotional bragging right, elevating the status of your business in the eyes of the consumer public. In short, it’s a win-win on the promo front. So if you’re looking for a few good ways to greenify when it comes to touting your business and your brand, here are some strategies that are sure to deliver.

  1. Social networking. Pretty much everyone has jumped aboard the social media bandwagon at this point, garnering likes, pluses, retweets, and the works along the way. But aside from reaching out to new customers through these popular online and mobile platforms, you may be interested to know that they are a virtual wellspring for promotions. However, you have to put in the time. It’s not enough to create business profiles, you also have to add content, monitor activity, and plan promotions. By optimizing your linking strategy, focusing on engaging content (both visual and textual), and using these platforms to appropriately push promotions (advertising, discounts, and so on) you can really use the mobile and online space to your advantage (paper-free).
  2. Coupon codes. If part of your promotional package includes giving discounts that reward loyal customers or encourage new business, then you can easily go green (and likely save some money in the process) by enacting a paperless policy where your coupons are concerned. Send them out to members and contacts via email or mobile messaging (for use online or in-store) or post them on your website or social networking accounts for anyone to grab.
  3. Promotional products. Many companies send out promotional products that feature their branding (name and logo) such as pens, notepads, coffee mugs, calendars, totes, and even oddities like golf balls and snuggies. And while most of these products are not eco-friendly in the least, there are several ways to make them a little more environmentally conscious. For one thing, there are many online outlets that offer greener versions of everyday promotional items. Many feature products that are recycled, organic, sustainable, and even biodegradable. So don’t hesitate to seek out promotional options that meet your green sensibilities.
  4. Product packaging. Most businesses are well aware of the promotional potential offered by-product packaging, seeing how it often provides consumers with their first impression of your company. Of course, it is also an opportunity to go green by reducing wasteful packaging and using recycled materials. In addition, you can add eco-friendly symbols, promoting your green practices in the process and optimizing the impact of your packaging.
  5. Customer service. The other side of the promotional coin relies on your ability to keep customers happy in order to ensure repeat business and build brand ambassadors. Suppose, for example, that part of your agency platform is to replace any items that customers have concerns about. By sending out a box for them to ship items back in, then using the same package to ship them new products, you can reduce waste and consumption and show your customers how much you value their business in the process.

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