Electra Bicycles Releases The Townie Go! — “Most Technologically Advanced, Yet Simplest To Operate Pedal-Assist Bicycle In The World”

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ELECTRA BICYCLE COMPANY TOWNIE GO!The Townie Go! — a stylish, new, simple-to-use, pedal-assist bike has just been released by the noted electric bike producer Electra Bicycles. The model — according to Electra — is “the most technologically advanced, yet simplest to operate pedal-assist bicycle in the world.” Sounds pretty good.

There are a couple of features in particular that stand out: a throttle-less pedal-assist propulsion system, a lithium-ion battery system that provides about 30 miles of assist on a single charge, front and rear lights that activate automatically, a built-in locking system for both the bike and the battery, and design that allows you to plant your feet firm on the ground while you’re stopped.

The new bike is based around what Electra refers to as “Flat Foot Technology” — which essentially means an easy-to-ride frame design based around rider comfort and control, allowing you to sit upright, to clearly see where you’re going, and to plant your feet flat on the earth when you’re at a stop.

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Four years in development, the “go” in the Townie Go! is provided by SRAM’s fully integrated E-matic zero maintenance pedal-assist propulsion system. Built into the rear hub, E-matic is so sophisticated it doesn’t need a throttle, power output display or any other visually distracting gizmos. Just start pedaling and with each pedal stroke the E-matic senses your effort and very smoothly adds some “oomph” until you reach nearly 16 miles per hour. Once you reach that speed the motor backs off to maintain a safe, sane pace. E-matic is clean and unobtrusive – there’s only one wire connection and a thin lithium-ion battery neatly tucked up underneath the rear rack. The fully charged 8-amp battery will last for about 30 miles – more than enough to handle normal commutes, fun rides and errands.

The Townie Go! also includes front and rear lights that turn on automatically when you begin to roll and shut off a few seconds after you stop. It’s also equipped with a built-in locking system that’s utilizes the same key to secure the bike’s battery. Townie Go! is available in two models and four colors. The Step-Through version comes in Sky Blue and Ebony. The Step-Over model is available in Matte Gold and Ebony. The MSRP is $2299 USD.

“I could spend loads of time talking about the technology seamlessly woven into the Townie Go!, but that’s not really the point,” stated Electra CEO Skip Hess. “There’s no shifting, no technical know-how necessary. All you have to do is climb aboard and pedal. It’s like riding along with someone giving you a gentle push to get you over the hill or through those extra few miles and it’s gonna put a huge grin on your face every time you ride it. It’s just that fun.”

I’m going to be completely honest here… When I was reading about this bike at first, I was thinking: “Damn that’s nice!” But then I saw the price tag… But I guess if you’re rich (or are looking to completely replace your car) then the Townie Go! has some definite appeal.

You can find more information about the Townie Go! on Electra’s website.


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