The business case for LED Lighting

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It is fascinating to think about how many different types of businesses there are out there. Out of all of the goals these businesses have, there are two that virtually all of them share, to make and save money.

Even though this is a truth about business, it often has a negative connotation to the general public.  The general public often visualizes layoffs, outsourcing, and shady accounting when these business principals come up in discussion. However as you know there are plenty of methods to save your precious business capital that you can and should be proud of.

One of these ways is by making your business sustainable and eco-friendly. This can be accomplished with improvements like new windows, “green” building materials, and solar power just to name a few. Unfortunately a lot of these ideas can be cost prohibitive for a lot of businesses. One of the best sustainability strategies however does not cost thousands or tens of thousands to implement.

According to the DOE “LED Lights are a highly energy efficient lighting technology, and has the potential to fundamentally change the future of lighting in the United States.”  In fact, LEDs use about 75% less energy, and last about 25x longer than standard incandescent lighting (

Today there are a ton of options when it comes to retrofitting your building with LED Lights. You can buy “plug and play” replacements for just about any type of incandescent base. In most cases with these easy to install options, you simply screw or plug your LED bulb into the old socket (just like you would with a standard incandescent) and turn it on. This simple installation results in savings of around 75% on your electricity bill. In fact by 2027 if there is widespread adoption of LEDs in the U.S, it would reduce load on our electrical grid by the equivalent of about 44 large power plants, which would result in a total cost savings of $30 billion/year.

With the increasingly wide selection of LED lighting options available and their ease of installation many companies are turning to this technology as their first step on the road to environmental sustainability for their business.

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