Pono Shim: Hawai`i leadership Philosophies Can Offer Solutions to Social Problems

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Envision Hawaii’i, an organization designed to convene and support young professionals in public service is committed to providing young public servants and social entrepreneurs with opportunities for community building, professional development and collaborative action.

The organization hosts First Tuesday a free event for social entrepreneurs that features guest speakers every month from 8 to 9 a.m, with free breakfast and an engaging discussion. Join other like-minded innovators over coffee at the Manifest to discuss key topics that are essential for organizational and business sustainability in you are in Honolulu.

Our goal is have an interactive conversation with the intention of inspiring, encouraging and motivating positive action.

Today, May 7, the groups hosts Pono Shim, a gifted storyteller who is known for using illustrations to connect with his audiences.

Pono believes that the majority of social issues facing individuals, organizations, local, national and international communities are symptoms of deeper problems that can and must be addressed today.

In 2009, he was asked to take over the leadership of Enterprise Honolulu. At the time, the organization was in serious financial distress and had lost favor with the local community. Pono has deployed techniques of transforming the organization’s culture, collectively known as ADHOC (Aloha Defines Hawai`i’s Organizational Culture). Today, the organization is financially stable and considered an influential leadership hub in the state. Pono considers his exposure to Hawai`i leadership philosophies as a child to be the backbone to his ideas, actions and words.

Pono is a leader who is working to bridge the members of our community. Pono was selected as one of Hawaii Business Magazine’s 2010-20 for 20 and identified as one of Hawai`i’s top 20 Break Out Leaders for the Next 20 Years. In 2012, Pono successfully led the efforts of Punawai O Puuhonua’s New Market Tax Credit Application and was awarded a $40 million allocation for economic development in low-income communities for Hawai`i.

It will surely be an insightful hour with Pono and the growing community of social entrepreneurs in Honolulu.

If you can’t make it, follow them live on Twitter @EnvisionHawaii and tweet using the hashtag #1stTuesday.


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