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How to Run a Green Office

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Being eco-friendly is at the top of a lot of business’ lists. Just because the UK has managed to achieve its greener living targets set for 2015 three years ahead of time doesn’t mean we should all stop trying though. If anything, this should push businesses and individuals on to work even harder.

Going green isn’t always easy though. If you’re yet to implement an environmental policy, now is the time to do so. Not only will it help your business to do its bit for the environment, but it should also help you to save a bit of money.

Where should I start?

If you’re trying to draft an environmental policy for your office, the first thing you’ll need to figure out how going green will sit in line with your business’ mission statement. Figure out the key aspects of your business that could be damaging the environment and work for there.

Here are a few examples of the changes you could make

  • If every employee uses a computer throughout the day, consider purchasing computers and laptops with a better energy rating.
  • If you don’t currently recycle, set out plans in your policy to begin doing so.
  • If you buy in a large amount of office stationary, look for ways to use environmentally friendly options instead.
  • If a lot of your employees commute into work, consider implementing a cycle to work scheme or encourage people to car share.

Set your targets

In order to make sure that your policy is effective, you’ll need to set yourself realistic targets. Your actual goals will depend on the changes you want to make to your office, but it can be a good idea to start things slowly. Set targets that are achievable, and always ensure you’re able to track your progress accurately so that you can get honest results.

Example targets that you could include in your environmental policy could include:

  • To reduce the amount of paper used in the business by 50%
  • To recycle at least 50% of the paper used.
  • To substitute the use of fossil fuels with lower carbon options.
  • To invest in energy saving technology.

Make your employees aware

You’ll need to educate every member of staff with your new environmental policy so that they can work in accordance with it. Provide each member with a copy of it (preferably an online version) and hold a meeting to discuss the points raised in the policy. During this meeting you can answer any questions they may have and also find out if they have any other suggestions.

Plan a review

You should review your policy every 12 months to find out whether you have reached your targets, if you could add anything to it or if you need to reassess your goals. You should aim to set new targets every year, so your business always has something to work towards.

Drafting an environmental policy can help your business to offset its carbon footprint and you should see a number of financial rewards as a result.

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