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Harvest Geek is all about marrying high-tech innovation with low tech slow food growing.  Say what? HarvestBots are small electronic devices deployed in your garden which monitor vitals and automate equipment. 

Their mission statement: Empower the local food growing community.

The core ideal which we believe at HarvestGeek is that the economics of large-scale industrial agriculture is not a sustainable proposition thus the need for efficient, tested and reproducible methods of small-scale food production. We’d like to see communities producing the bulk of their own food. The benefits to this we believe are many.

By empowering the local food movement, communities will benefit from new employment opportunities, money spent on food will stay in the community, fossil fuel use due to food transportation will drop off sharply, impoverished areas access to (healthy) food will increase, and we will be seeding a new generation with an appreciation for food, their health, and their connection to the Earth.

Each HarvestBot has specialized functionality which gives it the versatility to be used in large commercial indoor operations as well as for small personal garden plots.

The three main functions of your very own geekbot are:

OBSERVE – As part of its observational functions, the harvestBots can keep accurate records and make recommendations by observing a variety of planetary functions. By regulating garden conditions properly, gardeners can unlock the keys to explosive plant growth and higher overall yield. Some of the functions, the harvest bots can observe are: relative humidity, luminosity, soil moisture, air temperature, water temperature, pH, PPM, and CO2.  

 ANALYZE – The harvestbots can provide real-time instant analysis of several different garden conditions and factors. With proper analysis, commercial and small private gardeners can correct problems before serious damage occurs, keep detailed log of plant conditions for later review, and maker smarter, better-informed decisions for the next growing cycle.

IMPROVE – Every type of gardener is looking to improve yield, have healthier plants, and better use their garden plot.  With the tracking and timing information the Harvestbots supply, making healthy enhancements is easy.  The Harvestbots can easily replace traditional standalone timers. They can also control grow room equipment on site and remotely to automate greenhouse operations.

HarvestGeek is currently building a comprehensive set of resources for the modern cash crop farmer.  Modern farmers are using this technology to learn more about annual grow and crop development by using data. Growers will be presented with detailed analysis of annual grow and provided powerful tools to explore this data to understand what stimuli plants best respond to and which plants provide top annual yields. It’s a way of using technology to analyze emerging planting patterns and using the information to grow the highest quality, most productive plants. HarvestGeek just completed a successful round of funding on Kickstarter.

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