SideCar Offers Rides in More Cities

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This could be a great Valentine’s Day gift for some of you. SideCar expands reach to LA, Philadelphia and Austin. Even better news? It’s helping green New York, Chicago, Boston and Washington DC next!

Their blog announced the big news today,

Getting around Austin, Philadelphia and Los Angeles is getting sweeter this weekend. Beginning at 5pm Friday, SideCar will be available in these cities every weekend until 3am. You can catch a SideCar ride in West LA, Santa Monica, Venice and Culver City for now and we’ll expand to the rest of LA soon. Downtown Austin and Philadelphia, we’ve got you covered. Chicago, New York, Boston and Washington DC, you’re next!

Tell your friends to download the app and use the promo code “FRIENDS” for $10 off their first ride.

Want to give rides? Sign up at

What is Sidecar?

SideCar is a smartphone app that matches regular drivers in their own car with people nearby who need a ride- matchmakers for the perfect ride. It’s there right when you want it, good for the economy, good for your wallet, good for the environment and fun! The app aims to empower citizens with tools to solve our transportation gridlock. SideCar is taking true rideshare, and all the benefits it brings, nationwide.

SideCar is also celebrating 100,000 ride matches and released this cool infographic to reflect how ridesharing has evolved over the years.



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