NeighborFavor: Share Chores with Your Friends and Community

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NeighborFavor believes people can be more efficient if they collaborate on daily tasks with their neighbors. It is a real-world social network app for getting stuff done.

You’ve probably asked your co-workers and friends a million times, “I’m headed out for lunch; can I pick anything up for you?” NeighborFavor allows you to do just that, but straight from your iPhone. You can share when you’re out and about and nearby people can ask you for a favor. It’s easy to get reimbursed since payment is cashless and handled through the app.

The team includes Zac Maurais, a designer, Ben Doherty the server-side programmer and Chris Labasky, the main app developer. The company has been bootstrapping since they started over a year ago. Now, funded by a few angel investors, the team is preparing for a seed round this January. Currently the company is part of the Boost Incubator program run by Adam Draper in San Mateo, CA. Their story is very interesting and one that startup entrepreneurs will identify with. Check it out.

NeighborFavor’s revenue model is simple. They partner with merchants, and take a cut of transactions they drive them through their mobile advertisements and suggestions to users.

Currently available for the iPhone, the free app has the following features:

  • Your Neighborhood: See ratings, comments and a list of nearby people who are willing to run favors.
  • Easy In-App Payment: Never again will your friend owe you money. All payments are done through the app
  • Super Social & Fun: It’s a real-world social network for getting stuff done. Sign in with Facebook.
  • Make Extra Money: Clock in your free time to start doing favors!
Apps like NeighborFavor and Joulebug help build community spirit and a valuable support system. Additional perks like savings on fuel, money and time are not bad either!

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