50 Shades of Green

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Deep green, light green, pistachio – the more being green becomes mainstream the harder it can be to exactly define the green consumer.

Targeting the organic food consumer? Not so fast. You mean the organic food consumer that eats only sustainably raised food – dark green. Or do you mean the one that eats organic food as much as possible – light green or the one who eats organic as a matter of course but is really, really into non-GMO, and Superfoods – deep green. Or maybe you’re actually looking at targeting the foodie who is more about getting fresh, higher quality food- really, really light green…maybe kinda pistachio

See what I mean.

I’ve written before about targeting green consumers and really, it’s getting to be a misnomer –while a strong contingent of consumers are very, very, health focused and very, very planet focused, the vast majority of “green” consumers tilt more one way or another – some a lot. That of course leaves a lot of room to call someone green and can easily spark arguments and reinforce superiority complexes.

I don’t necessarily like to use the word green anymore when defining a target market. I think green has worked its way into the mainstream on many different levels and it’s important that “green” brands begin to target their efforts that way – to the slice of green that exists in even the most mainstream consumer.

This segmenting approach, I think is difficult for most brands as the impulse is to sell to consumers JUST LIKE YOU. The opportunity however, lies with those awakening to the benefits of healthier eating and sustainable living. And these folks are most likely…not like the founder of a green company.  They exist in different shades of green.

Taking the time to define those consumers- how they live, where they get information, what drives them can provide insight and a much better idea of how to target your brand. No longer does the green consumer rule for green brands…unless you consider all of the different shades.

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