An Infographic on Green Manufacturing Over Time

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As we progress into the next year of 2013 we wonder how many companies will keep up with what consumers want, which are greener and healthier products. The world has become more Eco friendly over the last few years and manufacturers know that in order to please consumers they need to be offering green eco-friendly products that meets their demands, it has become somewhat of a standard practice.

The infographic below which you are about to see looks at the value of green, showing you why companies should be green over time and what benefit this has for them. In addition, the infographic looks at the consumerís voice, what do people have to say to manufacturers? In a survey result you will see the answer. As time proceeds forward you will see how countries acted in the green improvement act and one of the questions answered is did their carbon emission get lower or higher; over time the answer is produced.

Historically, toy manufacturers are actually one of worst known for green manufacturing but in a big clean-up it has been proved that they can turn this around and Hasbro is big example of what eco improvement means. Alongside Hasbro our other top performing companies and you shall see why in the infographic.

Infographic courtesy of Distinctive Doors

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