Re-Nuble: Crowdfunding Local Solutions for Food Waste and Energy Problems

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food wasteRe-Nuble, a social enterprise is crowdfunding a campaign to develop  local, community based recycling facilities. These facilities have a three-fold advantage- they help divert organic and food waste from landfills, convert it into compost and fertilizer for sustainable farming and generate renewable energy for communities. It is dedicated to redefining how the world generates energy, cultivates food, and manages the waste it produces. Are you in?

As a society we are inherently wasteful and unsustainable. We destroy precious ecosystems for fuel and energy needs. Fossil fuels are in turn used to manufacture synthetic pesticides and fertilizers that worsen intensive agricultural practices and harm soil and water resources.  The food produced is unhealthy and moreover nearly a third of it is wasted. Wasted food ends up in landfills producing methane, contributing to global warming. Unfortunately, this completes the circle of un-sustainability.

Hurricane Sandy was a trailer to more severe weather due to the reason that the planet is getting warmer and “normal” processes are changing. Bloomberg Businessweek’s article “It’s Global Warming, Stupid” could not have done a better job of bringing urgency to this issue. Depleting natural resources and bio-diversity helps worsen rapid environmental degradation.

What is the solution to some of these massive global problems? Effective local solutions.

A New Paradigm For Business

The environmental and social impacts of climate change has spurned a class of innovators who are building new business models to help mitigate these problems.  These social entrepreneurs build a mission statement that accounts for environmental and social costs to run their businesses, while increasing their bottom line and creating jobs.

Re-Nuble is a great example of a social-enterprise startup that wants to help change the business paradigm.  At Re-Nuble, CEO/Founder Tinia Pina and her team specialize in sustainable, organic waste recycling designed to address 3 critical trends affecting communities:

  • Toxic pollution resulting from organic waste dumped in landfills.  These materials rot, producing methane and other harmful greenhouse gases
  • Increased demand for greener sources of renewable energy as fossil fuel resources dwindle and environmental protection becomes more urgent
  • Growing awareness of organic food production and sustainable farming as consumers demand greater transparency about the food they eat

Re-Nuble works to collect organic waste and food waste from businesses and households and converts them to useful compost, fertilizer and renewable energy at locally established facilities, helping communities manage their own waste and energy needs.

Sustainable Feedback Loop:

The Re-Nuble Solution

The business and community benefits from Re-Nuble’s closed feedback loop are obvious. Restaurant food waste and household organic waste can be converted to sustainable and non toxic soil enhancers for better farming practices, instead of rotting in landfills and producing methane. Moreover, Re-Nuble also tackles another important issue – clean energy. Tinia and her team want to harness the organic waste for the generation of biogas through anaerobic digestion, a multi-step, odorless process that safely decomposes organic waste into fertilizer, heat, water, and biogas. The heat and biogas are renewable energy sources and any non-digestable material can be used as fertilizers. Since these digesters can be installed at the local level, they can serve the communities that feed it with organic waste. What a great idea!

Contribute to Re-Nuble’s Crowdfunding Campaign

As part of their crowdfunding campaign, Re-Nuble aims to obtain permits for their pilot anaerobic digesters in Washington DC to recycle organic waste into renewable energy and green fertilizer. These environmentally friendly digesters are about the size of a small truck and will be located near urban centers.

Your contributions will go towards air, solid waste, and waste water permits granted only after an arduous review process performed by local, state and federal environmental resources departments. Though expensive, these permits are necessary for enforcing judicious rules that ensure natural, public resources are not being exploited and ill-managed.

Operating primarily in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, Re-Nuble partners with a broad range of stakeholders to fulfill its mission of building a greener community and more sustainable planet.  They partner with:

  • Eating establishments and food producers that divert their pre-sorted organic waste to Re-Nuble rather than dumping these food scraps in landfills.
  • Sustainable farmers, gardeners, and landscapers who increasingly realize the many advantages of using organic fertilizers.
  • Utility companies that are eager to cut costs and explore environmentally friendly sources of green energy to power the communities they serve.
  • People like you, who believe that local solutions can combat global problems.  Not only do you help create the demand that fuels our transition to a greener world, but you also help marshal community resources for making this transition possible.

After a successful pilot in the DC metro area, they hope to expand their operations to other areas.

Will you join in? Contribute now

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