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Help the Yes Men Activists Create a Climate Change Public Revolution

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The Yes Men are brilliant satirical social activists who are adept at political impersonations, hoax interviews and using humor to highlight the absurdity of entrenched destructive corporate influence. Their various direct interventions frequently recreate the world as it might be, where huge chemical companies take responsibility for their crimes, and fictional billionaires earnestly strive to create lasting social change.

The Yes Men are now making a documentary entitled: The Yes Men are Revolting. The movie chronicles some of the group’s clever disruptive actions, focusing on impending climate change disasters in store for our planet if we all continue to do nothing. This is how the environmental activists describe what they hope their film will accomplish:

“This film is more than an entertaining depiction of the Yes Men’s latest satirical interventions – its heart lies in what it means to fight for positive change as an individual and as a larger social movement. The film ends with an urgent call to action, offering viewers a tangible, relevant and exciting way to join the revolution themselves, through a cutting edge outreach campaign called the Yes Net. Launched with the film’s release, this action switchboard is a moderated online platform that will mobilize and assist tens of thousands of activists worldwide to engage in creative direct actions with whatever time and skills they can commit. The combination of the film and the Yes Net are designed to inspire an explosion of real-world creative action in the streets around the world.”

the yes men are revolting


How You Can Help Manifest Change


In addition to organizing insightful and sometimes very elaborate demonstrations of civil disobedience, the Yes Men also strive to inspire more ordinary citizens to get involved and become local climate change activists. They recently launched a Kickstarter fundraiser for their new movie project, and have already raised almost 90% of the money needed to complete their documentary. You can find out more about the film and the Yes Men on their Yes Lab blog.

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