Up-and-Coming Green Jobs for College Graduates

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While most college students are suffering from understandable trepidation when it comes graduating and starting the job search in a recession, those that have their eye on eco-industry will be happy to hear that fields focused on reducing pollution, consumption, and waste, as well as creating sustainable products and services are growing.

And with the right qualifications and sensibilities where the future of the planet is concerned, you can participate in a movement that seeks to lower our collective carbon debt. But the prospects are even better than that. Not only can you take part in the eco-friendly movement; you can get paid for it. Here are just a few potential career choices that you may want to look into before you take your diploma and leave the ivory tower of higher education.

  1. Sustainable energy engineer. Engineers of all types seem to be in higher demand than many other occupations currently. But if you have an affinity for mathematics and you’re looking to use your skills on behalf of the planet, becoming a sustainable energy engineer could be the way to go. This type of profession will allow you to explore sustainable energy resources and develop more efficient and affordable methods of harnessing them for consumption. Although it’s bound to prove challenging, this is sort of a rock-star job in the eco-industry.
  2. Green builder. More and more businesses and homeowners are looking for ways to create living and working spaces that are eminently eco-friendly. They want sustainable and locally-sourced materials, building practices that produce less pollution and waste, and innovations that allow them to conserve energy and water and lower their utility bills. As a green builder you can specialize in LEED certified projects or simply let clients know about the many levels of eco-friendly options you offer when it comes to creating the homes and office buildings of tomorrow.
  3. Organic agriculture. With all the buzz about GMOs lately, more people than ever are starting to take a closer look at the foods they ingest every day. The result has been a rising demand for produce that is grown without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers and meats and animal products that are devoid of hormones and antibiotics. If you want a job that lets you spend your days outdoors, working with your hands, as well as put your scientific knowledge to good use in the service of modernizing old-school farming techniques, organic agriculture could be just what you’re looking for.
  4. Eco-blogger. If language is your forte you might be wondering how you can break into an eco-friendly field. But insomuch as many green jobs require math and science backgrounds, there are definitely ways to combine your writing skills with your environmental sensibilities by penning green blog posts (for your own site or others). You might be surprised how many forums there are to house your work in the online arena.
  5. Non-green positions in green industry. Whether you’ve got an MBA, a masters degree counseling, or you’ve just tested for your CPA license, you can observe your love of all things environmental by seeking jobs with companies in the green sector. Every corporation, green or otherwise, has call to hire workers for positions in a variety of departments, such as marketing, sales, accounting, production, and so on. In short, all kinds of people that don’t necessarily have “eco-friendly” degrees can still pursue their passion by putting their skills to good use at a company that espouses green ideals.

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