Staxxon: A Shipping Revolution with A Smaller Footprint

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It’s not every day you get excited about something as mundane as shipping containers. When was the last time you were driving next to an 18-wheeler thinking, “That is a sweet shipping container.”? Yeah, I don’t do that either. However, when I first checked out Staxxon, my interest was piqued with their tagline, “revolutionary vertical folding and nesting container technology.”

Sounds fancy, right?

It is fancy, yet so simple. Staxxon has one of those brilliant ideas that makes you say, “why didn’t I think of that?” Back in 2010, Staxxon began developing shipping containers which can nest and fold into each other. With Staxxon’s brilliance and technology, up to 5 full-size shipping containers can “be moved, lifted, stowed, and stored in the same space, at the same cost, and in the same time as 1 container.”

In the logistics industry, there have always been challenges of hauling empty freight containers to a location. Staxxon brings a technology into play which is designed to reduce the number of trips taken hauling empty containers to their next location. Think of it like this: Imagine you are moving books from one location to another using banker’s boxes. When you’ve unloaded your boxes, wouldn’t it be easier to fold up 4 of those boxes and carry them in the fifth box instead of hauling all five of them back? That’s where Staxxon comes in.

Right now, Staxxon is developing its technology for massive, high-speed folding/un-folding systems at ports and terminals. This will help the flow of shipping and it will help optimize freight trips, especially in congested shipping areas. They license their designs and expertise to current manufacturers so they don’t have to compete with existing businesses and they don’t have to encroach on existing business relationships between fleet owners and manufacturers.

Staxxon is growing thanks to angels and strategic investors and have raised just under 2 million dollars so far (and they are currently closing a 5-6 million dollar round). Staxxon is also working hard and focusing their energy on freight containers for heavier goods such as agricultural products, liquids, and bulk items. While there has been some chatter as to other ways to use containers (housing, office space, etc), Staxxon is focused on the freight side of things currently.

After hearing from Tom Stitt, Staxxon’s marketing guru, he told me a common myth about shipping containers is that there is a vast abundance of them lying about all over the world. In reality, used containers are not common and can be very expensive. It’s also worth noting that without some serious testing, knowledge, and expertise, most people wouldn’t know what was hauled in a used shipping container. It’s unlikely a used shipping container would make suitable housing if hazardous materials were once shipped in it.

Staxxon has a great idea, a unique business model, and the opportunity to expand into other areas as they please. Not to mention, the technology they are using for shipping containers can easily be applied to other industries to help promote smart, clean, and sustainable solutions to common problems. I’m looking forward to seeing their solutions implemented. Check out their YouTube channel and Vimeo channel to see how their technology works in different situations.


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