Eco Friendly Office Design Tips That Promote Productivity

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Anyone who runs an office tends to have one thing, in particular, on the top of their priority list: Finding ways to make their office setting more productive. After all, when people want to work harder, more gets done, right? But what if you’re also someone who wants to achieve that goal in an eco-friendly way?

Are there things that you can do that will be energy-efficient while promoting the “go green movement” in the process? There most definitely are and we’ve provided you with five of them:

Open up the office. There used to be a time when cubicles were all the rage because it was a great way for people to have privacy without having to pay for everyone to have their own office. However, there are studies to support the fact that working in open spaces is actually a better idea. People tend to feed off of one another’s creative energy more and it also gives them access to more natural light. This brings us to the second point.

Use natural lighting. If you want to keep your utility bills down, provide your staff with some good ole Vitamin D and also do something that’s better for everyone’s eyes, go without the overhead lights and opt for more natural lighting by opening up the blinds or curtains in the office. You can even make the view more aesthetic by hanging some crystals in the window, or even better, some plants (they help to reduce the toxins in the air).

Have healthy snacks available. Is this a design tip? Well, it all depends on how you present organic juices, water, fruits and vegetables and granola. One nice presentation would be to purchase everyone in the office a cloth shopping bag to hang on the back of their office chairs. You can fill them up with some of these foods and drinks around lunch time; they can also use the bag bring their own lunches in with (recycling at its best). The added bonus is that the extra “fuel” will help get them through those hours after lunch when they may be dragging just a bit.

Purchase some ergonomic chairs (and keyboards). The entire focus of ergonomics is that they are things that are designed in a way that makes it easier on the body. This happens by making chairs and desks and keyboards that are more comfortable for our body’s natural design. You can find ergonomic chairs and keyboards at many places including Staples and Amazon. You can find used ones on Craigslist or eBay.

Use all of the space that you have. Whether you have an office space in NYC, LA or North Carolina, it’s important that you make sure to use all of the space that you have. That is not only an efficient way to work, but it also keeps you from wasting the money that you’re spending to rent (or lease) the place. So, if you have spaces that aren’t currently being used, get together with your staff to discuss what can be done with it. Perhaps you can put up a partition and create a place where people can take coffee breaks. Or, you can use some old wooden crates around the office, put them together and make a cool looking storage space. There are limitless options here. Just make sure to be creative, wise with your resources and open to all of the possibilities.


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