Pacific Garbage Patch Waste is Repurposed into Method Bottles

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The Pacific Garbage Patch waste is a huge menace. Hundreds of tons of plastic find their way into our oceans every year. The problem is severe because plastic on land or water just does not go away. In our oceans, plastics disintegrate over time into small particles easily ingested by fish and other marine wildlife. And guess, what?  It resurfaces in our food chain and affects delicate ecosystems.

Pacific Garbage Patch Waste is now a Method Bottle

Method’s employees have been picking up plastic on Hawaiian beaches and collecting it to be recycled into bottles, not just to chip away at the problem, but to raise awareness. Conscious capitalism!

The style of this packaging is a departure from Method’s usual bright pops of color. Method’s intention was to leave the plastic in its natural state. The gray color is a result of the chopping and blending that happens during recycling. The ridged design was inspired by the sea urchin. You can find these bottles of 2-in-1 hand and dish soap exclusively at Whole Foods Market stores and on

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