iPhone App JouleBug Encourages Sustainable Behavior And Saves You Money

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JouleBug is a free iPhone app that helps you cut out energy waste and save more than $200 a year. JouleBug was designed to encourage sustainable living through gaming and social interaction making it fun and simple! 

JouleBug combines the best parts of mobile gaming, social media, and educational tools and “rolls them all into a giant burrito of wonderment and awesome that’s free to download from the App Store.”

How do you use JouleBug?

You can download the app and earn points every time you make a sustainable decision, like biking to work instead of driving or drinking local draft beer vs. imported bottles. You can earn badges and pins and compete with your friends on Twitter and Facebook to do your environmental part. The badges get more difficult—and more rewarding—as you earn more points. Each badge comes with visual, informative content that provides the knowledge and motivation you need to make small but significant changes in your daily habits.

When you take part in a JouleBug Challenge as part of a community, you can use your points to compete with co-challengers. Some challenge organizers offer prizes, then those points translate into sweet winnings. For example, JouleBug partnered with SPARKcon in September, the Triangle area’s premiere creative festival. For the challenge, festival go-ers were encouraged to engage in sustainable acts like bringing a reusable mug or drinking local beer to win awards.

How is JouleBug different?

Connect to your utility:

With JouleBug, individual users like you can connect the free app to their utility accounts through Green Button Data to help get an understanding of energy usage and savings from small behavioral changes. This way you can see the dollar impact of your actions and better habits. Hence users see consistent savings on their utility bills. You can also connect your score to your social media accounts and compete with your friends.

Subscription model for corporations and communities:

JouleBug’s real impact comes into focus when it is adopted by corporations and communities. Imagine this: When a gaming or social app like JouleBug is adopted on a corporate level for employees, employers can see immediate and effective engagement through employees competing with each other to lower their footprint. The business can use this participation to set energy efficiency goals and realize direct monetary savings. On the other hand, now the business has attentive employees who are engaged with their impact and footprint, influencing their families and friends to do the same. JouleBug also provides analytics to measure users engagement and committment. Hence the app can become a way employers research employee behavior on sustainability issues.

Another great application is at the municipality level- JouleBug has partnered with the City of Raleigh, NC to help its residents become aware of their footprint and save money.

The team designed the custom badge for the City of Raleigh, making it the first municipality in the nation with this distinction. Users can earn points, pins and badges by using the JouleBug app to learn new ways and track existing habits for improving their sustainable behavior.

The JouleBug Sustainable Raleigh badge is available to users who earn enough points and pins by accomplishing tasks unique to the City like using Juice Box – use a Raleigh electric vehicle charging station; or riding an R-Line bus among other fun and relevant activities.

JouleBug also had the distinction of being one of the 2012 i2i Awardees. Over 150 high quality submissions were vetted by the joint Investment & Corporate review committee based on the potential positive impact to the planet and society. JouleBug’s presentation at the Awards function at SXSW Eco in Austin was very well received by the audience.

Download the app for your iPhone now!

(Android app coming soon!)


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