First 100% Mexican Solar Park Under Way

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Mexico’s largest PV panel manufacturer, Solartec, has invested nearly $7 million USD in the construction of “Enercity-Alfa”; the first solar park in Mexico produced solely by Mexican manufacturers.

Solartec has already commenced the construction of “Enercity-Alfa”, located in the Apolo Industrial Park in Irapuato, Guanajuato. On the 4.9-acre plot of land, the solar park will feature 5,824 solar panels produced by Solartec that will generate a total of 1.4 MW of electricity.

The Bajio area in Guanajuato is the hub for many auto manufacturers in Mexico, and already nine supplying companies for the automotive industry have agreed to use Enercity-Alfa’s renewable energy supply.

According to Solartec, Enercity-Alfa’s operations will prevent the emission of at least 22,800 tons of CO2.

Solartec has supported solar projects in Mexico for companies like Wal-Mart and Banorte.


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