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Why Lush Cosmetics is Saying NO to Keystone XL

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Today, nationwide retailer LUSH Cosmetics, in partnership with is making a powerful statement against the Keystone XL project.

LUSH will convert 80 of its US shops into polling stations and urges its customers to say NO to the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline as part of the company’s campaign to halt further expansion of Canada’s tar sands. LUSH believes that Americans should have a say in their energy future and are utilizing their shops, website and brave staff to give everyday people a chance to do so.

In partnership with the environmental organization, leading campaigners against Keystone XL, LUSH shops have been converted into campaign centers and polling stations for two weeks starting May 29th. Storefronts show oil spill imagery begging the question: “Your land. Your water. Your jobs. Your choice?” Anyone who says NO to Keystone XL in-store, online or by phone (text “NOKXL” and their e-mail address to 50555) is joining’s ongoing petition asking the government to hear their voice in this debate, not just Big Oil’s. LUSH’s limited edition Charity Pot hand and body lotion will be sold at LUSH stores with 100 percent of the proceeds going to to continue their work on this issue.

 “By using our shops to give Americans a voice on this issue we hope to stop the Keystone XL pipeline from becoming a reality,” says LUSH Campaigns Director Brandi Halls. “Canada’s tar sands are not the answer to our future energy needs and collectively we must demand that our government put its citizens interests ahead of the oil industry’s.”

So Why Does A Cosmetics Company Care? Keystone XL Can Negate Any Other Global Efforts on Global Warming 

Keystone XL will be moving toxic tar sands oil 1,600 miles from Alberta across America to the Gulf Coast of Texas, threatening our water resources, wildlife habitat, jobs and community health along the way. Alongside and millions of Americans, LUSH believes it’s not worth the risks including pipeline leaks and tanker oil spills. To add to the concern, this proposed pipeline and others like it further expand Canada’s tar sands, a dirty mining operation that LUSH has bravely challenged once before in 2010.  Above all, LUSH Cosmetics, a socially and environmentally conscious company understands that global warming hazards are a huge risk for long term sustainability of any business.

Businesses: Get the Facts on Keystone XL

LUSH is encouraging customers and other businesses to get the facts on Keystone XL before assuming that Keystone XL will provide jobs and energy security.

Bill McKibben, founder of, says, “The amount of pollution and greenhouse gases that could be emitted from this single industrial zone will counter any other global efforts to stop runaway climate change.”

Take Action Now! Sign the Petition Here.

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