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Important Media Roundup for May 1-7, 2012

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chicago critical mass 2007 By _nickd


Ecolocalizer belongs to a blog cooperative called Important Media, which is a community of websites devoted to news that matters. This includes everything from tips on using your crafty skills to make what you need instead of buying it new, to sustainable transportation issues, organic gardening, local activism and clean technology. We are dedicated to bringing you news and ideas on all of those issues and more.

Each week Important Media publishes a list of featured articles from across our network. Please take a look at this week’s highlighted articles, and you might learn something new:


  • Civil Rights Under Attack: North Carolina’s Constitutional Amendment One – Ecolocalizer
  • Forgotten 100-150 Mile Range EV from 1959 – Gas 2
  • The Nope Files: Failed Anti-Veg Argument #1, ‘We Need Meat for Protein’ – Eat Drink Better
  • Marketing Toxic Beauty to Girls – Feelgood Style
  • How To: Mother’s Day Plant “Flag” – Crafting a Green World
  • California Utilities Balk as Home Solar Producers Near 5 Percent Limit – CleanTechnica
  • New Evidence of Water on Early Mars and a Climate Like the Earth’s – Planetsave
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