Crowdfunding Platform: Victory Garden Revival- Commercial Vegetables Lack Nutrition

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Campaign Name: Victory Garden Revival: A Vital Purpose

What is the campaign all about?
Non-organic, commercial foods are so convenient and traditional gardening is so difficult that few of us can seriously grow our own. Yet food costs continue to rise.  High demand means fruits and vegetables picked green with low nutrient value. Commercial farming means pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and excessive water usage.

Our Victory Garden Revival puts healthy diets within reach of busy families at minimum demand on resources or gardening skills. Our technology unlocks the potential of home gardening for fresh, safe, great-tasting, nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables – If you have a balcony, deck, or small space I have a solution.  The Aerator.

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Why is the project relevant?

Victory Garden Revival: Relevance to Health, Education, and Environment

Affordable Gardens + Diet = Good Health:  It is well-known by all members of society that good diet is the primary driver of good health. This project promotes and supports the self-sufficiently of growing healthy plants and nutritious good food, family by family.  Food safety is a huge concern but knowing where your food comes from is a blessing.

Our Aerator technology is a convenient and practical method to grow vine-ripened foods that are not only fresher but also have much better taste and healthier nutrition. Aerator technology also supports flowering plants, small fruit trees, ornamentals and much, much more.

Educate the Next Generation: Education of the next generation opens new doors of possibilities. Our Aerator technology serves as a tool to teach urban youth (and their parents) about healthy eating and to get them interested in where their food comes from. The Aerator is convenient and easily adaptable for all ages and locations. Kids can easily plant their own fruits and vegetables with the Aerator and watch them grow healthy gardens.

An Eco-Friendly, Immediate Solution:  Over 5-years of testing confirmed higher vegetable yields, more flowers and improved plant health with Aerator technologies. Most importantly, tests showed superior production with minimum water usage, no pesticides, and with organic soil amendments. The technology is available now; a win-win for society and environment.

The Aerator brand is the first innovation for the consumer in container gardening in over 4000 years.  The Aerator also reduces direct costs by saving up to 30% on soil and soil treatments, it optimizes water usage, excellent in drought situations and eliminates the costs of chemicals and pesticides. Over 900 locations nationwide distribute the wholesale product for professional use.

What does the campaign aim to do? 

Our Victory Garden Revival offers a practical solution for individuals, families and communities worldwide to grow healthy gardens and plants. To earn their support we offer extensive educational reports on gardening history, the science involved, and the romance and inspiration of our Greatest Generation through our 1940 Vintage Poster Reproductions of the WWII Victory Gardens.

Not everyone has the space, time or fitness for in-ground gardens and this simple fix for container gardening is an affordable solution to improve health and lower runaway grocery bills.

We seek to educate and awaken everyone about the joy of gardening, eating healthy foods and working together as a family or community to grow your own, local nutrition.

Link to the project campaign page:

Final pitch: In the world of high-tech computing, mass transportation and high speed internet communications, we hope to remind everyone without good health your quality of life declines.  Worldwide there are many, many existing plant containers in backyards, windowsills, businesses, and office buildings. Our solution is a low-impact, after-market solution to ensure your investment in old crock-design containers is not lost.

The Aerator O2 pledge is: you asked for it, you need it, our environment needs it, we invented it.


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